Thursday, February 17, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge
Day 5: A picture of your favorite memory.

This is much like yesterday's so I kinda picked several...
I mean you're talking to the girl that NEVER STOPS JABBERING...

Let's get rollin...

The day D proposed.
I LOVE this memory.
I had not even a slight clue that he was even considering marrying me.
In fact, all he ever talked about was how it wasn't the right time because of money.
We had such a wonderful day and I LOVE open air trains.
As does Oliver, if I even need to point that out.
I couldn't believe my eyes or ears.
That and he is quite handsome...

Our 4th of June party.
Sam and I knew that we were going to be in Kenya on the 4th of July.
We also knew that Kenyans don't celebrate the 4th of July (a tradgedy, I know).
So, we threw a HUGE party at our teeny tiny itsy bitsy apartment and then drove out to Lake Monroe in Bloomington and had fireworks and a bonfire.
It was so fun to celebrate on the non-traditional day (I felt like a rebel) and to say good bye to our friends.
Sam once commented that after Africa neither of us would be the same.
Boy was he right.

Organic Chem 2.
Also known as living hell.
and double merde and all things evil rolled into one semester.
(two if you're me)
Extra credit... (which I VERY much needed) was to make a 3-d model.
I should've known then to give up Chemistry and take up cooking as I baked cookies and turned them into Sucrose.
Get it Sucrose. Cookies.
I crack myself up.
So whitty and brilliant.
Mmm...Chocolate chips...

Only Kate can pose like a super model on a boat in the middle of a Costa Rican rain forest after not showering for several days.
What can I say?
I have talent.
We were on a biology teaching trip and headed out to see some bird or animal or something very biological.

This is one of our last nights in Nairobi before we flew home.
Sam took me to this SUPER fancy and expensive restaurant.
It was so surreal to be there after all we had seen.
I mean, seriously...I had a cocktail and the waiter brought us Italian bread.
Very weird.
Two days earlier I had swatted flies off a man bed bound on a dirty mattress.
And Sam had been building outhouses.

That's a cheetah...
I DID not pass him on my way to the clinic.
(Thank God)
Sam and I saw him from the lovely safety of our Jeep while on Safari.
Way tooooo cool though.
They saunter as if they know they are tough shit.
Which they are.
So they are allowed to saunter.

This is a Zebra...
I used to walk by them on the way to the clinic I worked at.
I named them but could never remember who was who.
That's either Sally or Rocket.
Beats me.

This was the only time my ENTIRE family on my Dad's side got together at Christmas.
We always went up to see Grammie at Christmas but never with the whole gang.
It was really the last Christmas that Grammie was truly healthy.
She adored Christmas and planned the whole week out to a T.
I've never had more fun with my family.
There was chex mix, shrimp cocktail, New York Strips on the grill, cheese plates, Maria's Spaghetti, and so much laughter.
I went up there at Thanksgiving ( I was at IU at the time) and spent the weekend wrapping endless amounts of gifts.
I'm talking MASSIVE amounts of gifts. I think Daddy even took a picture of it because it literally spanned the whole living room.

I miss her.

I remember this was my favorite time during pregnancy.
I wasn't uncomfortable and my tummy was just the right rubbin size.
I was about 7 months.
Oliver was really starting to wiggle and I just loved the feeling.
Even if sometimes those feeties were in my ribcage.
Also, my face wasn't fat yet.

Student Global AIDS Campaign

Marched in Washington DC for a youth AIDS awareness rally.
It was February and really really super duper cold.
(I may also be a wimp)
We had the best time ever and at some AMAZING Thai food.
The best part was a surprise trip to the Women's Art Museum.
A friend Chris took me to see the Frida painting there.
I still have a framed print.

Emily's Wedding.
The whole Mom side of the family.
So much fun!
I danced with my Papa, swam in the coldest pool ever with Little O, and got to see my bestest cousin marry her high school sweetheart.
Not to mention introduce D to the other crazies that made me, me.

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