Saturday, January 22, 2011

Five Question Friday

Five Question Friday
was typed while eating lunch on Friday (where my badge fell off, I drove 20 minutes to a prison, tried to check in, realized my badge was gone, and had to drive all the way back to the cafe for it). Yeah, that sucked. Then I got home with every intention of posting it and A)I was DEAD exhausted. Not tired, mind you, EXHAUSTED. and B) While looking up something for D on his computer Oliver spilled my wine ALL over his keyboard. Needless to say, Little O and I are now permanently banned from D's computer. At that point, the night seemed a loss as it was nearly 11.

So, It's saturday and I have 43575869754896 chores to do.
But I am looking forward to making saurkraut bread and some eggplant dish for dinner.
As my eggplant needs used up. goes...

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?

HAHAHAHA! This may be TMI for some folks but here goes...
D and I had offices next to each other at my first job with Child Protective Services. A friend introduced us because she heard that we were both from Indiana. Turns out he is from Evansville (his parents still live there) and we both went to IU around the same time. We even hung out at the same bar and I knew a couple of his old flames. My ex-husband and I had just split and I was in no way looking for a boyfriend. After a month of inappropriate IM'ing over work IM (hehe) and some explicit texts. He invited me to meet him at a bar for beers. I have no idea why I agreed. I think I was just bored and hadn't been out since pre-Oliver. Needless to say, we slept together that night (classy, I know) and we've been together ever since. It most certainly wasn't love at first sight. It was more "I wanna have fuuuuun"! Just goes to show that you never know.

My wonderful family at Cuz. Emily's wedding...

2) What is your favorite room in your house?

This is a tricky question. It used to be the upstairs bedroom that I had initially intended to be the guest bedroom. It has three huge windows that let in lots of lovely naturaly light. I painted the wall up against the headboard a vibrant yellow and the other walls a white with faint yellow undertones. The curtains are lavendar and yellow which accents the lavender and yellow quilt I found for 10 bucks at the Austin Monthly City Wide Garage Sale...

Then D found this incredible handmade, copper iron bed frame (it's MASSIVE)...

I found these adorable lamps at Goodwill. It's just a cozy sunny room. It hold my antique desk from my childhood and the painting I once admired that D then bought me for Mother's Day.

I initially used the room as my place to escape and read. I love tulips and yellow and lavender. The inspiration came from this painting done by my father...

Then three things happened:
  1. We realized that in the "winter" that room is much warmer than the downstairs master bedroom. (DUH).
  2. I had several nightmares that there was a fire in the house and I couldn't get to Little O because he is in the room farthest from us.
  3. Little O decided to climb out of the crib and we didn't hear him crying until D LEAPT out of the bed at 4am to find O dangling by his ankle outside the crib.
I then moved us into the guest room. It also works nice because, when we have company now guests have a connected bathroom to themselves.

I just have to add though that my other favorite room is the play room (which is an opening room that the stairs lead up to). It reminds me of my childhood (set-ups, toys every where in baskets, stacks, bookcases, etc). It's also where Little O and I have the most fun together.

3) Can you wiggle your ears?
Can't say I've ever tried.
Just tried.
For about 30 minutes.
While I folded laundry.
I can't.

4) What is your evening ritual?
I am terrible about routine.
Truly terrible.
But it goes something like this:
  • get the mail
  • unload the car
  • clean sippy cups
  • kick off high heels
  • make sippy cups
  • give O a snackie
  • step on some random toy and say a cuss word
  • tell O not to say said cuss word
  • start dinner
  • tubby time
  • finish dinner
  • check facebook 45789435789 times
  • jim-jams
  • make lunches/diaper bag/sippy cups
  • change the 394324 diaper
  • open a bottle of wine
  • cuddle with Little O and D while watching some stupid move he picks out
  • pass out exhausted
  • repeat. repeat. repeat.
5) How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
Brilliant question. I guess I'm currently functioning sooo...I average about 4 hours of sleep a night. Sometimes 5 if D and I don't....hehehe...ya know...giggle-giggle.

Okedoke to bake some bread and do about 3947237 other things.
You know how it goes...


Tweet said...

Coming your way from 5QF . . .

LOVE how you write! Your answers to this week's questions were brilliant. Not too much TMI for me since I enjoy snooping in other people's lives. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Elsa said...

I have a quilt almost identical to the one you have. I received it as a wedding gift and I love it.