Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Tad Late (but much needed)

1) I am thankful for snail mail. There is nothing more fun than getting a card/letter/magazine. Especially since most of my bills are paid online there is never the dread of "ugh and double merde there might be an icky bill to pay". It's always just "YAY new recipes to read!", "YAY a card from Gigi and Papa", "YAY a letter about how much energy I save if I unplug my phone charger", "YAY a CHRISTMAS CARD", "YAY an ad for Time Warner", "YAY the same Victoria's Secret catalog I got yesterday".

2)Goodwill's. They seriously have to be the coolest store ever. Yesterday I needed to go to Kohl's to get my brother a pair or jeans. They cost 40 bucks. Then we hit up two of our favorite Goodwill's and I got all of the following for the same price as the jeans:
  • retro ash tray for Max and the band
  • 6 HUGE ceramic pots for my indoor garden
  • a vintage circle skirt
  • a pink cashmere sweater
  • a cute top for Momma
  • a skirt for Momma
  • a retro "Texas" light for Max
  • a cast iron RED dutch oven (never been used)
  • a Land's End down vest for Little O
  • a pearl snap shirt for D
  • ten more silver forks for the wedding
  • a pumpkin shaped basket
  • a felt covered journal for Mom
  • 2 unopened red star towel hooks for Little O
  • 2 jackets for baby Jack
  • a pair of wingtip shoes for Max
  • a vintage (1953) cookbook from the Japanese Embassy Chef
  • a burnt orange linen skirt
And now my Christmas shopping is DONE! Don't worry about Dad (his gift was done a long time ago).

Goodwilling to D and I is like therapy for our relationship. We both love the thrill and the hunt for treasures. Since there is so little we have in common it always brings us closer together.

3) Central Market. Now most people like Whole Foods and think it's "all that and a bag of potato chips". Not me. I like their liver pate and that's it. For all other foodie type foods I ADORE CM. Sometimes I don't even buy anything I just like to eat with my eyes and look at the vegetables I've never heard of and the different cuts of meats and the sushi being rolled and the mussels and scallops. I LOVE to sample whatever they have. You can ask to try anything in the store and they will open it for you. I drool over the cheese selection and they'll order anything that you find (usually I find things online that I want to try). They even ordered me 1/8lb of fois gras. Since it runs about 130 bucks a lb. that's all I could afford. I want to move into Central Market. Party in the wine section, eat in the cheese section, dance with the fruits and veggies, warm up in the bakery, and sleep in the flower shop.

4) Wine Stoppers and little cheese knives. I love quirky little wine stoppers and kitschy cheese knives. They make me happy. I have quite the collection but that has never stopped me from wanting MORE, MORE, MORE. My latest purchases have been a hand-painted mexican wine stopper and a ladybug cheese knife. There was this lady in Lakeside (where my Aunt and Mom summer in true style and which I mean using tape to hold the shower hose on) who was selling some odd jelly concoctions (beets and peach marmalade etc) and had this HUGE basket of little cheese knives. I thought I'd died and gone to cheese knife heaven. I hope she's there this summer (minus the odd jelly stuffs). Once upon a time Sam (the ex) bought me a 3 inch high wine stopper that had tassels and beads and blown glass ribbons. I think it made it through one of bottle of wine before I broke it. But I loved it so much. See? It's the little things in life.

5) The Broderick. D says I like them just because it's my brother's band. I suppose that is part of it but, trust me, if he played heavy metal I'd be much less into it (as in not at all). I'm pretty sure I listen to them non-stop. Especially their new songs. I'd love to share them with you but they haven't been released yet so I have been worn to secrecy. I even like their old, old, old, sings. After D made that comment I got to thinking. Do I just like them because it's Max? Then it occurred to me that I like them because a) I can relate to the songs because I know Max so well and I know his past and b) I understand the story behind the song. With many of the songs I remember the moment he is singing about or I remember the conversation. I understand the dynamic and the between-the-lines meaning of the lyrics. I also love to dance so that may play a part. I'm sure I scare people on a daily basis with my crazy car dancing.

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Susanne said...

Welcome to Fave Five! That is quite the great stash you got at the Goodwill! We don't have goodwill in our city but I like to search out the Thrift Village or Catholic Thrift stores for treasures. I jealous over the never used cast iron pot. Those are worth a couple of hundred dollars! Way to go!