Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kate's Eats

A Random Dinner

As you know each week D and I have been tryin something new in the way of food.
And you know we love mushrooms.
This week (at Whole Foods, of course) I found something called Chicken mushrooms...

I have no clue why they are called chicken mushrooms.
They don't taste like chicken.
but they were AMAZING!!!
So worth the 20 bucks a lb.
I sauteed them in butter and garlic with a splash of EVOO.
Whole Foods had some yummy looking brussel sprouts so I roasted them too..

I roasted them in EVOO, s&p, garlic, and lemon juice.
The kitchen smelled amazing.
I then made all the beds.
Stopped to watch some of Toy Story 3.
Started to cry.
Stopped watching Toy Story 3.
Ate some brussel sprouts.

Next up is D's ribeye.
I don't much like red meat.
but I stole a few bites.
I tend to think (through my years of cooking... hahaahahaha) that ribeye is one of the best cuts.
It's nicely marbled and juicy if cooked fairly rare.
I just season with s&p.
But then I burned the roof of my mouth eating a brussel sprout.
I may have said some bad words.
So I washed my mouth out with soap.
and by soap I mean a swig from a sippy cup of diluted apple juice.
Which I can tell you in all honesty was disgusting.
Anywho... you got me distracted with my burning mouth.
Here's my about to be delicious steak ...
and by mine I mean D's...

A completed dinner...
Now to fold laundry (again)
do dishes (again)
tubby time (again).
Will someone please tell me how a 2yo gets that dirty in 24 hours.
It is a mystery.
I mean seriously...
a sucker in the armpit of your jim-jams???
Is that necessary?

After all that I was pretty wiped.
But I realized that the leftover/lunch drawer (yes I have one).
Please take a moment to laugh at me now...
hey! hey! I said just a moment not all year.
Stop laughing now.
Anyway... the leftover drawer (used for lunches and nights when I work too late) was running short sooo....I found some veggies and chicken that needed used.
And I whipped up in my super duper amazing Kitchen Aid some pastry dough.
chicken pot pies...

They just looked so yummy and smelled so delicious and looked so golden, crispy and pretty that I thought they deserved a second picture.
Then I burnt my finger on the ramiken.
This is clearly not my evening.
Oh, and O is fully clothed in new jim-jams standing in the empty tub.
With the water on.

Little O after the tub incident...
In the third pair of jim-jams for the night.
Sitting on the kitchen table.
I am SURE he is part monkey.
And part devil.
So... Little O/devil/monkey....

I leave you with a little gift I got myself.
Does D make fun of me for it?
Do I ADORE it?

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Elsa said...

I've heard of lobster mushrooms from your last post, but I've never heard of chicken mushrooms. And I love the key thingy, that is exactly the kind of thing I would buy for myself as well. hehe