Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Guest on Kate's Eats...

I proudly present our dinner... and my Mom... and our dinner...

So to preface: I pre-wrote this part of the blog and left it up to her to add her comments while she was home alone with Little O.
Needless to say that never happened.
So, I give to you...
The blog that never happened...

My wonderful, sometimes crazy, a little bit of a goof, but always just perfect, mother came to visit for the drama that was Little O's surgery.
And yes, I was more dramatic than Little O.
Who is, by the way, healing super duper lightyear fast.

She brought along this recipe.
It is a tale of great proportions of which she will tell...

Note from K: (This doesn't look like mashed hard boiled egg but it is. I swear).

Note from K
: This is me in 26 yrs and I'm very, very, uber happy about that. In fact, a lady in
the surgery center said (and I quote)... "You must be the Aunt". Mom may have died from happiness/laughter.

Note from K: This is me dicing. See that HUGE diamond? That's mine. Uh...huh. Mine!

Note from K: I am horridly opposed to unfresh lime juice but it's all I had in the fridge.
Stop judging.
I can hear you judging.
Oh wait, that's me judging myself.

Note from K: Thank you mom for visiting and cleaning and bringing the coldest morning since last March and for spoiling Little O and for being there while my Little O is in surgery and for bringing FOG and DREARY. Did I mention fog and dreary??? And for doing the dishes ( I HAAAAAAAATE washing dishes. hate hate hate dishes). Oh, and it's cold. thanks.



Casondra said...

I ADORE your blog. I seriously feel like I'm having a normal conversation with you when I read it.

And your diamond is HUGE!!! I'm slightly jealous even though I LOVE mine!

Elsa said...

I HATE dishes too. My husband does them the majority of the time though.... because I HATE IT!!! :)