Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show Me Christmas: Phase 1

I honestly don't want much for Christmas.
This is a new thing for me...I kinda grew up just a teeny bit spoiled rotten.
Since having the Monster though it seems I get more excitement out of the holiday traditions with him.
But....I did see this on a friends blog site and thought I participate.

Week 1: Christmas List
Both real and fake.

More than anything in the whole world I would like to be pregnant again.
As most of the world knows (and if ya didn't now ya do) I've had some problems with infertility in the past year or more. Everyone says it will happen when I stop worrying about. Easier said than done.
It has become harder as Little O moves from baby to boy.
I love being pregnant and love being a Mother.
So if Santa hears me...throw me some hormones please or have a stork deliver another Monster to 3 Forks Ranch.

Toes Socks.
I adore toe socks.
They feel all cuddly and squishy.
It is finally cooling off down here in Texas so I actually get to wear socks!
Even better...I can wear toe socks WITH flip-flops.
And yes, I know I am a dork.

I cook.
I cook a lot.
The one gift that I didn't get from the wedding that I REALLY wanted was a roaster.
I have heard people say that they only really use their roaster on Thanksgiving but they have yet to meet me. I am dying for one.

Coat hooks.
For some reason our home came without storage space or decent shelving.
It's a mystery to me.
Did people in 2004, when the home was built, not own items that needed to be hung up?
Did they not have games, shoe boxes, or read books?
Because there is literally NO storage (besides the garage) in this home.

So, I have developed a lightly disturbing obsession with funky coat hooks.
I like owls, butterflies, dragonflies, fairies...you get the idea.
I like the in all colors, metals, shapes, and sizes.

Antique butter molds.
They are actually kinda hard to find in actual antique shops but are plentiful on the internet.
I keep meaning to order one but there are so many styles and designs that I get overwhelmed in the decision making process (that and I HATE ebay with a passion). Instead I just end up looking at pictures of them and saying "oh, I liiiike thhhhaaat one"!

50's style print fabric.
I want some very, very badly.
I want to make curtains, skirts, skirts, and more skirts, and some napkins, and a table cloth, sheets, pillow covers, and more skirts.
I do. I do. I do.

I truly want an evening out with my husband.
I am not kidding...we see each other about 3 hours a day.
Those 3 hours always involve the Monster, discussions of work and bills and the Monster, or we're cleaning or fixing something.
I would kill for even two hours alone in some dark corner of a seedy bar sipping on a cold beer and just being with him....or a movie together....hell, I'd take going to the grocery store alone with him.

Last, but not least...
I want Kunckle Max to visit.
He hasn't been to 3 Forks Ranch in a hell of along time.
yeah, yeah...the whole school/mid 20's/rock star/working thing but...
sheesh... I miss him.
And yes, I saw him at the wedding...
For like 6 seconds in between getting married and hot gluing ribbon to stuff.

So... Dear Santa,
Please fulfill just one of my wishes and I'd be happy.
If you so feel the need also pay off my mortgage and student loans, I'd love a massage, and go ahead and throw in that 68 powder blue Stingray.
Oh, and can the Cubs win the series or is that asking too much?


Leah said...

I hope you get everything you want! Especially the first thing. I've been there this year too.

Mrs. Mama said...

great list... especially number one..i hope santa brings you that blessing!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I love reading your posts! You're so funny and sweet!

Well, I hope all your Christmas wishes come true - especially the one about an additional little Monster. :)

Toe socks are so cute. I've never tried them b/c I have really long toes...

A Roaster - girl, you can totally use that year round. Yum! Roasted chicken 15 million different ways? Sign me up. Lemon rosemary is my fave.

P.S. What do you do with a butter mold? Is it just to sit and look pretty?