Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rice Spinach Herb Bake

This is what happens when you blanch spinach.
take a picture.
dice 2 cloves garlic and one small onion.
take a picture.
shred 1 c. cheese.
take a picture.
pull out the salt, pepper, worchestshire, and bouquet garni herb blend.
take a picture.


Every Thanksgiving I make a STUPIDLY large amount of broth and freeze it.
This :
a) annoys D to the nth degree
b) gives us yummy non store bought, salty broth all year
c) is very "green" and a great way to NOT waste any part of the birdy that died for our t-day feast d) takes up all of my freezer (hence why D is uber annoyed with me).

So with some of that broth I started the morning by cooking up a pot of rice.
I then had rice and peas for lunch.
Odd, I know, but I've eaten it since middle school. Being home schooled usually meant I was on my own for lunch. So I rotated between (are you ready for this???) ditalini pasta with shredded cheddar and tabasco sauce, rice, peas, and parmesean, and tortillas with lettuce, tomatoes, and hot sauce. Wow, I am weird.

So after taking a brief intermission to watch Wall-E and work on the 9 million more thank you cards I have to finish, I combined all those ingredients that I I documented via capped lens into a lovely antique dish.
Looks kinda yummy, no?

Then I plated it up.
Along with some herb dinner rolls.
It is finally cool enough here to bake without feeling as if you are actually inside the oven.
And I got to use one of the cookbooks I got as a wedding gift!
Now to settle down to a quiet, peaceful diner with my 3yo...
Hahahaha, just kidding.
It was more like having a dinner in a room with the Marx Brothers.

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Elsa said...

haha! My camera isn't fancy enough to have a lens cap, so that's never a problem. :)
I love tabasco too. I have the green and regular and they go on everything. Usually my lunch is a piece of cheese, salsa with tabasco in it, and chips. And I'm going to make turkey stock too. We bought a turkey on sale and I plan to smoke it for dinner.
And I LOVE pyrex dishes. I always search for them at yard sales because trying to buy them on ebay or at an antique store is insane.... way too expensive.