Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Call Me a Dork

Call me a dork and see if I care.
(I don't).

Our FIRST wedding gift arrived.

It has wedding wrapping paper and wedding ribbon and a wedding card.
It looks wedding-ish!
I think I made D a tad humiliated with the amount of squealing and jumping up and down I did.
I then insisted on taking a picture of it.
also very dorky.
again, see if I care.

In a dress.
To D.
With my family.
AND I got a GIFT!

After the day/week/year I've had I'm not gonna lie...
This wonderful gift made my entire day.

Not that picking a "da wetter C" out of my Monsters nose wasn't equally as awesome.

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JCRHarris said...

Congratulations!! Starting to feel pretty real now, huh? :)