Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well Said

This morning as I'm leaving our quiet neighborhood and rolling down the drive with 3 minions, 1 Buzz, 1 Monster and enough smoothies to supply a small army of tree hugging hippies, Mr. Down the Street comes sauntering up. I say sauntering because the man a. never ever moves faster than a snail and b. has this awesome hip-arm swagger. Truly impressive for 6:30 am or anytime for that matter.

This is how it went:

K8/Crazy Morning Frantic Working Mommy: "Mornin! I think it's cooling down. About time right? Have a good day. bye.!"

Mr. Sauntering Down the Street: "What'd ya cook last night? I could smell it burning from down here".

Inside k8's brain: "Hahahahahahaha. ass."

Nice (ish) K8: "Ohhh, yeah, I got distracted in the garden and burned the garlic bread. Sorry about that. Oh, and was that your dog barking at 5am?

(no answer as he continues to fiddle with his lawn)

Small Little O voice from the backseat: " A monkey says "ohh ahh-ahh-ah"!

Well said Little O.


KSK said...

Little O knows :)
*Dogs barking that in the morning drive me nuts!! *Especially on the weekends!! Grr!

JCRHarris said...