Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Silly Little Note

During this last trip home I grabbed a few of the ole high school/college save boxes and brought them home.
Over a cold glass of white savignion I delved into them last night while Little O waited very impatiently for Daddy to get homies.

It was interesting to reread some of my opinions in papers I wrote.
Note to self: never teach freshman or sophomore college students.
dear god.
That's all I have to say about that.

Anyway, in the very back of one of my notebooks (World Systems Development, mind you) I found this note...
written in purple ink...

Kiss Someone:
  • on top of the Empire State Building
  • on a chair lift (but I am certain I meant ski lift otherwise that would be really odd)
  • while slow dancing in the back of New Orleans blues bar (pretty classy for a 17yo if I may say so myself)
  • in a leaf pile
  • as we drive over the Golden Gate Bridge (sounds kinda dangerous)
  • after doing a shot of tequila in Mexico City ( I have done this and trust me it is waaay less romantic than it sounds or tastes for that matter).
  • in a gondola in Venice (my favorite European city)
  • On a trampoline (sounds tricky)
  • in the penguin house at a Zoo ( mean really Kate? REALLY?)
  • under a gazebo in a lightening storm (hello Sound of Music)
  • under the stars at the bottom of the Grand Canyon ( I actually kinda still like that idea)
  • on his bosses desk (naughty Kate)
  • while two-stepping in a country western bar (did that..thank you Broken Spoke)
  • on a bed of flowers (that's just insipid)
  • while flying over international waters as a newlywed (let's hope that happens soon)
  • on home plate of Wrigley Field (a girl can dream can't she?)
  • behind the book stacks of a library (did this too already...hehehe)
  • in a rain forest (did this in two separate rain forests...hehehe)
  • under water (interesting, haven't tried that yet)
  • black tie, anytime, anywhere


Harris Family said...

How fun!!
Now you need to follow this up with a current Kiss Someone!

Harris Family said...

Oh and the Gondola and New Orleans were my total favs.