Tuesday, July 19, 2011

D's fav Port Rav's

I confess it. I don't make my own portabello raviolis. The reason being that the brand we found here in Austin taste BETTER than homemade.
Hard to believe, I know, because what is better than fresh pasta??

I NEVER make my alfredo sauce the same way twice so it's a mystery to me why it's always D's favorite. I also have no recipe. I just start with butter and flour and cheese and cream.

I take a basic, very basic, alfredo sauce and add the following:
double the required parm
sun-dried tomatoes
roasted garlic
green pepper
crushed red pepper

Sometimes I add all of that. Sometimes just some. I like to mix it up.

But I do have one really bad habit.
I can NEVER seem to be able to scale down my recipe and since it such a heavy dish one dinner and leftover lunch is about all D and I can handle.
Mr. and Mrs. Across the Street should thank me everytime I make port rav's.
They should thank me by wearing robes. ugh.
Ok, I'm off topic.
Port Ravs, right. not thinking about scary naked people.
So this time I did something SUPER crazy.
No I didn't practice my sword swallowing abilities. I only do that on Monday's and Wednesday's.
Instead, I decided to divide the alfredo into to different meals. I used half of it and then decided to see what pureeing an avocado into the alfredo sauce would taste like.

The funny thing about this whole story is that I thought I was a super amazing, awesome, all-imaginative chef, and groovy Austin-ite (Austin-tian, Austinesque person) but then I goggled Avocado Alfredo and about 6 million other people have already envisioned and created this delectible dish.
damn it.
Worse yet, one of my blog friends here in Austin blogged about it last year.
Massive fail.
So, I go back to just being Kate on 3 Forks Ranch.
I did, although, have the luxury of enjoying some incredibly delish wood mushrooms and plastic eggs prepared by Nanny's munchkin who also occasionally goes by Coco the puppy.
And then I added some roasted garlic and cilantro.

Doesn't my chicken look so yummy?
And the lovely summer green in the sauce??

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