Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50 Day Challenge

50 Day Challenge

A Picture of Something you Wish you Could Change

I hate aging.
Not for me or my mom and dad or even Max or D.
Little O.
Each stage is so precious and he changes so very fast.
I want to stretch each moment out for much, much longer.
I want to jump backwards and then forwards all in the same day.
Looking at his baby pictures is a recipe for extreme crying breakdown.

I wish I could change the distance between my family and us here at 3 Forks Ranch.
Yes, I could do that by moving to VI.
but who wants to move to VI?
no one.
Who even wants to move to Indiana?
no one.
Someday I will get a Star Treck-ish travel thingy.
Yes indeed. brilliant plan.

Sorry Jen... but I HATE TV.
I will watch PBS and occasionally get into a show.
(The IT Crowd, Glee Pushing Daisies)
but I watch them via Netflix only.
I REALLY, simply hate TV.
More specifically, I hate the news and those late night talk shows.
I mean seriously.
A) who cares about the cat that logged onto the computer and managed to order something from Ebay? Not me.
B) Who cares what Paris Hilton had for lunch? Not me.

I wish I could change the way people view HIV/AIDS.
The stigma around STD's truly blows my mind.
I hear daily that people are ashamed and embarrassed that they have an STD.
Even the treatable ones.
Having an STD doesn't make you dirty.
It makes you human.

I have a confession to make.
After being a vegetarian for many, many years...
I LOVE hamburgers with bacon, cheese, and jalapenos, tomato, and pickle.
Add lettuce, mayo, ketchup and mustard and I am in heaven.
I NEVER eat them. It has been years (gotta watch the old waist line) but...
damn I love them.
I should want to change things like war, and murder, and rape but secretly I want hamburgers to have zero calories and be super duper healthy and energizing.
now I want a hamburger.

Being in social work I often work with people going through rough patches in their lives.
I see so many lonely people.
Much of the time people don't even see how lonely and lost they are.
I wish I could take that pain away.
My co-workers give me a hard time for being the softy of the bunch (which I am).
I want to make everyone feel like they are important to this world.

I wish I could change hate.
I don't understand hate.
I don't understand why people do hateful things.
I understand the biological, human nature side of it but deep inside me I truly can't comprehend it. D once said that I have an innocence about me. Like a child that just continues to touch the hot stove and never learns.
In some ways he is right but, on the other hand, I honestly just can't learn not to see only the love in people.
I never acknowledge that within us is hate as well.
It's something I struggle with.

p.s. There was just a VERY loud bang from upstairs and the words "oooh maaaaan".
just lovely.
I am now going to ignore that I heard that and go paint my toes.

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Harris Family said...

It's OK if you hate tv.
It's my addiction (well, one of)
I know it's no good. :)