Friday, October 1, 2010

Kate's Eats

Dinner at 806

One of the best things about going home is grilling out. We always grill and it brings back hundreds of memories. Isn't every good cook nostalgic about the kitchen they grew up in? I'm such a cliche and I don't care! Nevertheless, I LOVE my mother's kitchen. I love that there is no "theme". It's a room full of the random things that define my Mom. I love that the same wooden spoon sits calmly in it's place waiting to be used. I love the rows of cookbooks. I love that there is always a new insanely out of this world gadget that Pops has recently bought Mom. I love that there is always cheese and mustard in the fridge. I love the totally unorganized spice draw. I love that the kitchen door barely latches and the sound it makes when someone drops by. But, most of all I love the HUGE, odd shaped table that takes up a stupid amount of space in the middle of the kitchen. It's totally insane and impractical and that's my family.

Dinner this time was especially important. It was D's first time grilling at 806. Dad pulled out all the stops and served up quite a meal...

Here goes...

We started by soaking cedar planks in H2O for about an hour...
Dad gets the grill a'goin...
I prepped a beautiful slab of salmon with:

  • s&p
  • lemon juice
  • seasoned bread crumbs

Grill that on the grill till opaque rather than that pretty pink color
Like so...

Now for the star of the show...
One of the biggest steaks I've ever seen.
Of which Max and Pops made short work of.
Seriously, the only other time Max eats this much is at La Fiesta.
And that's saying a lot.

First season simply...

Now it's time to hand the steak off to Pops and let him grill away.
The finished product looks delish!

On to the tuna steaks (Just for my D cause he loooves it)
This time I rolled the edges in sesame seeds and seared ever so slightly on the grill.
Okay, Pops seared.
I talked.

Mushroom and Red Pepper as a side.
I mean, did you think I'd go a meal without mushrooms?
You're crazy.

Now for a nice bottle of wine...

And a beautiful table setting...

Now EAT!

I ADORE going home!


Elsa said...

You love kitchens without a theme? You would love my kitchen..... or my entire house. I want my kitchen to have a Mexican theme, but it's just a little bit of everything. My living room should be a Moroccan theme... but... no. haha NOTHING in my house has the theme that I want, they all end up just being random. But I'm not trying very hard, so that might be why. :)

The Fabulously Fierce Fashionista said...

Love the blog. Perhaps I can find new culinary inspiration. Look forward to reading more. I'd love to know more about wine if you have any suggestions from budget conscious to not so much worried about the price.

Casondra said...

This is my favorite post you have ever written. I like we are all cliche, and childhood memories should be a reminder of some of the best times in our lives. :)